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Shelby County Attorney Protecting Your Rights In DUI And Drunk Driving Cases

In Shelby County and the surrounding area, DUI defense attorney Joseph R. Kemp represents individuals in an increasingly strict area of criminal law: drunk driving.

In recent years, the fines have increased, the legal blood alcohol content level (BAC) has been lowered and the length of time that driver’s licenses are suspended has increased. Facing these kinds of consequences warrants legal representation from not only an experienced lawyer but also a lawyer who will give your case the attention it warrants.

Skilled Legal Counsel For All Aspects Of Your DWI Case

The law office of Joseph R. Kemp, in Leeds, Alabama, offers a breadth of legal services that are based on decades of experience and a commitment to integrity and client rights. We represent individuals in DUI, DWI and drunk driving charges that involve:

  • Misdemeanor and/or felony cases
  • Multiple DUIs
  • Driver’s license suspensions
  • Driver’s license revocations
  • Lawsuits against the Department of Public Safety
  • Criminal justice system
  • Administrative law judge hearings

When an individual receives a citation for or is arrested for a drunk driving offense, he or she has a limited time to file suit in circuit court, asking for a stay on a driver’s license suspension. If this is not done, the individual’s license will be automatically suspended, whether or not he or she has actually been convicted.

This kind of criminal charge has very specific timetables that must be followed in order to protect your rights, so it is crucial that you secure representation as soon as possible.

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Joseph R. Kemp can be reached online by email or by telephone at 205-699-5500. He offers free initial evaluations in most practice areas, so do not hesitate to get the information you need to make an informed decision regarding your legal rights.

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